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Eventos no Funchal

Madeira Island offers all its locals and visitors a fixed year-round programme of varied events.
Throughout the year, besides well-known events like Carnaval, the Flower Festival, the Atlantic Festival, the Madeira Jazz Festival and the Madeira Wine Festival, there are many popular feasts, folklore festivals, concerts, exhibitions and sporting events that make up a complete programme of tourist activities.

Sé Festival
27th May until 4th June 2011

Towards the end of May the centre of Funchal is the place to be on the island – this is when the typical Madeira “arraial” or street party is recreated. The streets and cafés terraces between the Praça do Município and the Igreja da Sé (Cathedral) are decorated and throb with people.
The restaurants in Rua de João Tavira, Rua do Bispo, Rua da Queimada de Cima, Rua da Queimada de Baixo and Rua dos Ferreiros all take part in this initiative so that all visitors have the opportunity to taste the local delicacies, snacks and traditional Madeira drinks.
As with all "arraias", there are performances by philharmonic bands, student musical troupes and other musical groups providing constant entertainment every day.
The aim of the annual "Festas da Sé" is to provide the city with quality entertainment that brings alive its traditions and reinforces its cultural identity.

Fireworks Festival - Atlantic Festival
4th, 11th, 18th and 25th June 2011

Taking place every saturday over the whole of the month of June, this event incorporates the Madeira Music Festival, the International Firework Competition as well as performances by various philharmonic bands. The programme includes classical music concerts, fireworks, dance and street performances...
Every Saturday night in June the bay of Funchal is the stage for firework displays combining strident sound and a wealth of colour with music from every country participating in the festival. The musical firework displays make Funchal vibrate and echo up the steep hillsides for 20 minutes, inspiring everybody who is able to enjoy this stunning spectacle.

Watch the video of Atlantic Festival 2010 here

Funchal Jazz
7,8 & 9 July 2011

In 2011, the city of Funchal will host another edition of Funchal Jazz. This is a momentous event on the international jazz festival circuit and an important cultural initiative that contributes towards the promotion and visibility of Madeira as a destination at a national and international level.
As always, Funchal Jazz presents a selection of internationally renowned musicians, occasioning cultured evenings in one of the city's most emblematic gardens, Parque de Santa Catarina.
The festival attracts both locals and visitors, creating an inspiring atmosphere for many local musicians. This event is promoted by the Câmara Municipal do Funchal (Funchal Municipality) that seeks to stimulate and enrich the region's cultural scene and the standard of performance with this initiative.

Madeira Wine Festival
1st - 4th September 2011

1st to 4th September – Shows & Exhibitions in Funchal
3rd September – Live Harvest in Estreito de Camâra de Lobos

Reflecting the socio-economic importance of Madeira wine, the “Festa do Vinho da Madeira”, which takes place at harvest time at the beginning of September, recreates old local traditions which have existed since the time of the early settlers.
 In Estreito de Câmara de Lobos the fun begins with the harvest itself. Grape picking, processions of grape pickers, treading the grapes and the whole ritual of the typical Madeira street party are enjoyed with enthusiasm by all who take part in the festivities.
In the centre of Funchal there are various allegorical shows of sound, light and folklore related to wine and wine-making.

Christmas and New Year Festivities
November and December 2011

25th November to 6th January,2012 – Christmas Lights, Decorations and Exhibitions
31st December – New Year's Eve Firework Display

Very much part of the customs of the Madeiran people, Christian Christmas traditions merge with manifestations of joy at the arrival of the new year celebrated with a rich and varied programme of cultural, ethnographic and artistic events that begin in November with the turning on of the lights in streets in the centre of Funchal and continue through the whole of December until Epiphany. The high point is reached on New Year's Eve when the amphitheatre of Funchal is transformed into a grandiose crib illuminated with over 250 thousand coloured lights and the hillsides are pinpricked with white by carefully positioned lights, creating the scenario for an unforgettable spectacle. On the twelfth stroke of midnight on 31st December the skies are lit up with fire, colour and hope for the coming year which could not have a better start. The moment is already recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Watch the Fireworks Video - End of Year Festivities 2010/2011

17th,18th and 21th February 2012

17th February - Festivities in the Lower Town
18th February - Great Allegoric Parade
21th February - Fun Parade

The Carnival, or Mardi Gras, celebrations in Madeira take the form of a great parade of floats the Saturday before Shrove Tuesday and remain an essentially folk festival.Numerous Samba groups with thousands of participants in magnificent and colourful costumes dance to electrifying Samba music through the streets of Funchal, spreading an ambiance evoking the Carnival of Rio.
In this week of healthy madness the joy invades hotels, bars and clubs, and the main streets of Funchal city turning them into permanent parties. In an atmosphere of effusive revelry there are surprising examples of creativity and imagination and there is no shortage of daring caricatures in the Cortejo Trapalhão costume parade on Shrove Tuesday.

Flower Festival
19th - 22nd April 2012

19th and 20th April – Exhibitions and Musical Performances
21st April – The Wall of Hope Ceremony (Children's Parade)
22nd April – Great Allegoric Parade

Madeira's flowers are celebrated every Spring with a festival in their honour and in 2011 this celebration will take place in May.
During the "Festa da Flor" Funchal's main streets are invaded by a procession of allegorical floats which display a huge array of flowers, filling the air with delicate perfumes. On the eve of the flower procession thousands of children gather in the Praça do Município where they lay flowers to build what is known as the "Wall of Hope".
Apart from these events there are also other initiatives including the creation of flower carpets, the Flower Exhibition in Largo da Restauração, performances by folk groups, classical music concerts and a wide selection of entertainment.